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A Motorhome Detailer’s Best Tips for Cleaning your RV

Owning a personal RV to go on long trips with the same comfort and feeling of an actual home is a dream of many. However, not everyone gets to experience this side of trilling experience. So, if you do own an RV for your occasional long trips or just a holiday adventure, you have to know how to take care of it.

Most people would rather prefer taking the help of professional RV detailing services. However, one can undertake the process of detailing their RV with minimal effort and expenditures as well.

Here are some important tips you can use to plan out an effective RV detailing on your own.

Choosing an appropriate time and weather

  • If you’re not going to seek the help of a professional RV detailing service, you will have to take the time consumption factor into utmost priority. The time required for personal RV detailing would be much more, so it would be best if you start the detailing process as early as possible (8am-9am) to allow ample time for your RV to dry off before sunset. Also, pick a warm summer day (obviously!). A humid day would contribute to improper drying of wax coating which can ultimately cause more harm to the RV, rather than improving its overall original coating.

Keep the Sensitive Areas under wrap

  • When it comes to RV detailing, an ounce of preparation is truly worth a pound of cure. Before you begin, you should  spend some time covering the sensitive areas where excess water exposure can cause harm. Engine parts such as spark plugs, exhaust, alternators, and all the electrical connections around the RV should be properly covered before proceeding with RV detailing.

If you’re planning to undertake RV detailing yourself, make sure you get your hands on the right cleaning products before you start! Remember, your  RV detailing service is only as effective as the techniques and quality products you choose.

Some of the most basic equipment that you should have prepared before beginning include –

  • Genuine car wash detergents (avoid using the normal detergents or soap solutions as they can damage the exterior gelcoat) BONUS: Try out a foam cannon for the ultimate clean!
  • Good quality of wash mitts for wheel cleaning
  • Soft and mountable brush head for an optimal reach around the RV
  • Good quality of squeegee for improving the drying process
  • Good water-absorbent towel
  • Car Wax
  • Bug and tar remover
  • Rubber gloves
  • Glass cleaner
Start from the roof and work your way down 
  • It’s a no- brainer, but often overlooked! You do not want to work hard all morning cleaning the sides of the RV just to get it dirty again when cleaning the roof later. To avoid such inconveniences, always start your wash from the roof and finish it before proceeding to clean the sides.   
Choose a well-cemented flooring for RV detailing

It’s a small detail, but it does play its fair share during the later stages. A muddy ground becomes messy over time and compromises the cleaning process. Even after a thorough cleaning, you will have to compromise with some dirt on the wheels and underneath. Hence, a dry and solid ground is suitable if you want to avoid such frustrating incidents. Drainage is a plus!

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