What Does a Car Detailing Service Include?

Mobile Detailing Near Me: What a Full Mobile Detailing Service Should Include

For someone who has never had a car detailed or is unfamiliar with mobile detailing service, a hand car wash business may just appear as a simple operation where all that is required is water and a bit of soap. However, mobile detailing services include far more than just detergents and water. You can find plenty of mobile detailing near me services with the help of Google. However, if you want to know which mobile detailers provide the best service, here are the features/ specifications that businesses offering mobile detailing near me may offer.

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Mobile detailing near me service 1: Paint Care

 Since your car’s paint is extremely important and delicate as well, the mobile detailing near me should feature a full paint care service. The paint care feature takes care of your car’s paint and prevents any damage or manipulation with the original paint. This paint care is achieved by the three-step method: cleaning, clay bar decontamination, and polishing.

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Mobile Detailing near me: Exterior and Interior Detailing

Mobile detailing near me should have a full exterior and interior detailing service available. While exterior trimming and detailing is a standard feature for most mobile detailing service, interior detailing is one that you should look for. The most basic interior detailing includes cleaning the carpet areas and the seats. Mobile detailing near me should perform a thorough interior detailing by shampooing the seats (if necessary) or using a steamer. In addition to that, the roofs should be vacuumed, and all the plastic areas should be cleaned as well.

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Mobile detailing near me service 3: Headlights polishing

Headlights and taillights of a car are bound to show signs of oxidation over time. The excess exposure to UV lights and the weakening of the seal coating on both the lights cause them to blur out over time. This can cause inefficient headlight visibility. A proper mobile detailing near me service should offer headlight/ taillight polishing and re-applying a durable coating to seal them off to prevent oxidation for as long as possible.

Mobile detailing near me service 4: engine bay cleaning

Engine bay cleaning can be an extremely complicated and time-intensive process as well. Some mobile detailing services tend to skip out this feature as it’s not part of a typical detail, so make sure you double check with the company that you are considering, though you’ll most likely have to pay extra. I’s a part of the car that stays out of sight for most of the car’s lifetime, but having it cleaned is one way to ensure you maximize your sale price when it’s time to sell or trade in your vehicle. If you decide to sell the car, a well-kept and clean engine bay conveys to potential buyers that you cared for the vehicle. Most mobile detailers will use a combination of steam, detergents, brushes, and high-pressure water to clean your engine bay. Following this, all the plastic components are then dressed to beautify & prevent wear and tear.

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